I'm Syed Omair

He is Based in the Garhi Aghanan village, 17 kilometres north of Taxil Punjab Pakistan which is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. , 30-year-old Syed Omair speaks to audiences around the world, drawing on his own experience of disability.At 2ft 9 inches, Mr. Omair is one of the shortest men in Pakistan.

Throughout his life, he has struggled with the lack of facilities, ignorance, and rejection. As a child, he was denied admission into a local government school because he was considered a special child. As obsessed with making things easy in life or even more obsessed with spreading knowledge. He wish to disclose Osteoporosis Imperfects that He has since birth. He letting you know early on so you know what to expect. Being aware of his disability has gained him a steadfast approach towards work and a positive attitude to help him see the bright side in every situation there is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more. Social media was his breakthrough. Received an immense response from all over the world because of his inspiration full motivational speeches. Specifically, He was much accompanied by All over Pakistan also from Austria, Denmark, and USA. From past couple of years proved his self to be productive for different media houses. Being a live performer is the most fun packed activity for him. Held, organized, and performed many live motivational sessions in various places in the world. The German Embassy also paid him a visit. Along with it many other ideal personalities accompanied him throughout his life. Apart from it as a proud citizen of Pakistan was honored to be the first motivational speaker in German Embassy. Furthermore, my soul purpose is to encourage, connect and motivate people in and out his surrounding by spreading optimism that ultimately leads to prosperity and achievements.  

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